Career Services For Military Spouses

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If you’re a military spouse who:

  • Is ready to enter the job force for the first time and isn’t sure where to start.
  • Has put their career on hold to answer to the demands of the crazy awesome lifestyle of running a military home and family and now wants to get back out there.
  • Wants to bring a little extra income into the household, but is unclear on different ways of doing so.
  • Has a passion or talent that comes naturally to them but doesn’t know how to monetize on it.
  • OR is ready to explore options around career and working…

I can help you! I was deep into my career when I met my now husband and I had to kiss the traditional ways of earning a living goodbye! And now, after several years of being in the community and getting to know some amazing military spouses I’ve discovered a passion for supporting them in getting back into the work force if that’s what they desire.

I offer the following career services for military spouses:

  • Resume Reviews and feedback
  • Interview research and preparation
  • Hidden marketable talent revelation
  • Online opportunity coaching
  • Strategies for starting your very own business

Each one of these services is highly individualized and prices vary per situation and the spouse’s rank.

I am happy to offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation so you and I can get to know each other and even more importantly – if I can serve you in putting you on the right path!

Simply email me at and we’ll schedule a quick talk!

Disclaimer: I am unable to make any guarantees about any individual’s success. My consulting is just as dependent on ownership of responsibilities and actions of the client as it is on my own expertise, advice or experience.