About the Accidental Air Force Significant Other


Welcome to a community that has been created by a military spouse for all other military significant others. Whether you’re a military girlfriend, a military boyfriend or a military spouse, this page exists to be informative, to be honest, to explore relevant topics and to build a community of people who can support each other through the deployments and hardships, while celebrating the joys and the pride that comes with falling in love with one of our brave men or women in uniform.

Until the next assignment, this website is being managed from Colorado Springs, CO where there are two Air Force bases and one Army base. There will be plenty of information based on this area, but as the author of this site goes on her adventures with her uniformed man, she will share as much relevant information as possible.

This is a place for other military significant others who need a place to go with thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, stories, experiences and whatever other needs may come up while we’re on this journey as civilians in the military life.

Also, check out our newest service, Frugal Fashionista! I’m completely obsessed with fashion and with limited resources, I have to find creative ways to keep up on a slammin’ wardrobe. You can view the eBay store here.




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