Scenic Routes: Colorado Springs

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It comes as no big reveal that Colorado Springs is absolutely gorgeous. I live on the West Side where I can look out of my front window and see Pike’s Peak. As someone who is part of a military couple, I’ve already mentioned that I’m learning that I need to develop and continually add to my military girlfriend survival kit. One of those things that I can add to that list is taking the long way home. It’s sometimes easy to forget that I have gorgeous scenery literally in my backyard (well, front) but this morning when I was coming home from boxing (another tool in the survival kit) I decided to take a detour.

Ironically, my struggle with my panic disorder has become more pronounced over the past few years making it impossible to drive on highways. Before the panic disorder kicked in, I would take long meandering drives through the Colorado Mountains. Later when I moved to California, the trend continued and I would disappear up and down the coast before I even knew what was going on.

The Game Changer is what prompted me to see a doctor and get on medication. I was against the idea at first; I thought I should go ahead and tough it out but it turns out being tough while barely being able to get out of bed is quite difficult. I now enjoy long unprompted drives up and down the highway, taking the time to enjoy the beautiful Colorado Springs area and being able to get out of bed.



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